Mira Scarlet has domino effect in her room

Popular twitch streamer and cosplayer Mira Scarlet has listed in Twitch Fails. Suddenly, some stuff in her room started to fall down and have domino effect. Mira's face after that is remarkable.

Yay I Can Afford Intel Core i9

Yay I can Afford Intel Core i9 I have a solution to buy Intel Core i9 now. New payment method. Just sell your kidney to get it. "I don't need it, I don't need it, I definitely don't need it... " Only way you could afford this in a completely new rig would be if you got paid really well, didn't have any other payments to pay off, car payments, food, bills, etc etc. $1000 for just a CPU is mental. I know it's not NEEDED for any sort of gaming these days, but when people see this price tag for one component, no wonder people want just a simple console. I'm like 99% sure that the 7900X is the entry-level i9; the 7920X, 7940X, 7960X, and 7980XE all have a higher core count and MSRP. Great news. Let me just pull out a $1,000... wait probably more like $1,500 because I live in the UK... wad of cash from the bank and pop down to the local chemists for a dollop of liquid nitrogen and I'm in business. In all seriousness th

Who Need Gloves Hand Catch

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Who Need Gloves Hand Catch Softball players and volleyball players are a true gift from the gods. In terms of general hotness, I'd rank it: 1. Volleyball girls 2. Track and field girls 3. Soccer girls 4. Softball girls There should be a subreddit completely dedicated to ballgirls. Is catching without a glove really that big a deal? It is expected from a cricketer, male or female and the ball is equally hard and fast. Baseball players normally catch with their glove, so fielding a ball bare-handed would be impressive in comparison. Also she's just a ball girl. This makes the catch even more impressive since this seemingly "nobody" just fielded a ball hit by a pro. So it's kind of a combination of both the catch itself and who made the catch. Hope this clears up why one would find is catch impressive in the context of an MLB game :) I'm sure it would be cool if a fan perfectly cau

Kid Created Art Dad Has Dirty Mind (FlyGuy Dickspud Born)

Kid Created Art Dad Has Dirty Mind RIP Dickbutt. There's a new sheriff in town. That thing looks close enough to be a potato... Fuck it, I'm calling it Dickspud Being an adult has ruined all positive perspective. I'm sorry, this is absolutely hilarious! This is one to save for their future spouse to see. To be honest, the rageboner looks just as confused to be here as we are. Can someone please get this tattooed? Maybe shitty charmander guy? Even right-side-up it's still an upside down angry rage-boner poop fly This made me laugh harder than any other post on vidoin in a long while. Kids do the darnedest things sometimes. The best one was the kid who drew a picture of her mom selling the last snow shovel at k-mart for a school thing she was doing. It showed the mom holding the handle of the shovel as people thrust dollars at her in a desperate attempt to buy that last snow shovel before the snow storm hit. Since the shovel

How girls take a shower

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